Ministry of Media Launches ‘Hajj and Umrah Mediathon’ to Gather Innovative Media Solutions for Pilgrimage Seasons

Ministry of Media Launches ‘Hajj and Umrah Mediathon’ to Gather Innovative Media Solutions for Pilgrimage Seasons

The Center for Government Communication (CGC) at the Ministry of Media launched the newest edition of “Mediathon” in cooperation with the Pilgrim Experience Program (PEP), this year titled "Hajj and Umrah Mediathon". Its aim is to rethink qualitative initiatives, creative projects, and innovative solutions for the challenges facing the media sector during Hajj and Umrah seasons. Those interested in participating are invited to visit for more details and registration. 


The new edition of Mediathon comes after its first one received 1,000 ideas and 45 qualifying teams for the competition, who benefited from the many workshops and guidance sessions offered to them. 


The stages of this initiative are as follows: Announce that Mediathon will soon start accepting registrations; open up registrations; filter and nominate the best candidates; launch Mediathon; announce the winning ideas and projects; and, finally, incubate the winning ideas and projects.


Mediathon aims to gather ideas that can enhance the media coverage of PEP and Hajj and Umrah, in partnership with agencies and individuals. This requires employing digital capabilities and tools in manufacturing media solutions, and contributing to raising awareness about the services provided to pilgrims.


Those targeted by this new media initiative are: Media and institutional communication sectors in government agencies; various media; professional media companies and institutions; universities and academic institutions; Hajj and Umrah specialized agencies.


As for individual participation, the following groups are encouraged to participate: Media professionals; interested people; Hajj and Umrah field workers; academics in media; communication and marketing colleges and their students; programmers and technology enthusiasts; as well as a number of interested and specialized people in Islamic countries.


In its edition this year, Mediathon focuses on a number of tracks, most notably: creative content production, languages and translation, as well as media services and facilitations.


The project supports a number of positive aspects that benefit both the Hajj and Umrah as well as the Media consortiums, including: A list of ideas and projects contributing to the development of the Hajj and Umrah media coverage; 50 qualifying ideas ready for implementation; enhanced media products that raise awareness about the services provided to pilgrims; developmental projects in the media sector; as well as partnerships forged and opportunities developed among participants and targeted sectors.