The Third ‘Saudi Media Forum’ Edition Debuts Next Week

The Third ‘Saudi Media Forum’ Edition Debuts Next Week

The third edition of the Saudi Media Forum 2024, organized by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) and in cooperation with the Saudi Journalists Association, will debut on Feb. 19 and last until Feb. 21.


It comes as a continuation of its previous successes and a confirmation of the forum’s importance and effective role in achieving a positive and extended impact in the media space. The forum is in pursuit of developing the local media industry and discovering its latest technologies in such an ever-changing world. It aims to create a vibrant and effective community for investment opportunities; exchange local and international media expertise; as well as enhance the Kingdom's media status through such a media forum that invites the world in and sheds light on the most prominent local and international media experiences.


Mohammed Fahad Alharthi, SBA CEO and President of the Saudi Media Forum, expressed his gratitude to H.E. Minister of Media Salman Al-Dosary for his support and interest in everything that serves the media system in the Kingdom. He stressed the importance of keeping pace with Saudi media in achieving the ambitious Vision 2030, which is inseparable from the role of the media. This includes organizing forums and gatherings of this magnitude, an affirmation of the Kingdom’s intellectual growth and cultural depth, alongside openness toward, acceptance of, and coexistence with others.


Alharthi underlined the importance of building and documenting communication bridges with all local and international media institutions in a way that achieves a positive impact. He indicated that organizing such specialized media events will contribute to raising the quality of the media industry and push it to keep pace with the latest technologies of this rapidly changing industry.


He also mentioned that the forum will include the Future of Media Exhibition (FOMEX) under the title "The Future of Media," taking place on the same dates as the forum. This is an artistic, technical, and media exhibition considered to be the largest of its kind in the Middle East. FOMEX will showcase recent experiences in the media industry while activating modern television and radio production activities, attracting leading companies and experts in the field of global production. The exhibition is also an opportunity for those passionate about media to participate in specialized workshops presented by specialists, academics, and practitioners.


SBA has ensured the inclusiveness of the target groups in the forum and the accompanying exhibition, believing that modern media is no longer limited to media institutions as it was in the past. Instead, anyone with means of communication with others can convey a media message.


The forum concludes by crowning the winners of the "Saudi Media Forum Award", also in its third edition as it’s part of each forum. This award stems from SBA's belief in the importance of honoring those active in local and regional media work, creating fair competition among men and women creators, and motivating individual or contracted talents to present outstanding media works. This contributes to introducing pioneering Saudi experiences in the field of media and communication, and appreciating the personalities contributing to the media journey, enhancing their local and Arab presence. This is done through participation in the six award tracks: Journalism, Visual and Audio Production, Scientific Production in Media, Digital Media, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Media, and Media Personality. SBA has ensured the diversity of award tracks will cover all media methods, providing a greater opportunity for anyone interested in applying for the award.