International Media on the Saudi Media Ministry's Release of "Horizon" on Netflix

International Media on the Saudi Media Ministry's Release of "Horizon" on Netflix

Konoz, an initiative by the Center for Government Communication at the Ministry of Media, launched its newest documentary film on Netflix, titled “Horizon”, which has received wide coverage from international media outlets. This coverage highlighted the scientific documentation and artistic creativity that characterized the film, which showcased the richness and diversity of the natural environment in the Kingdom. 


The news of the film's release, which was produced in partnership with the National Center for Wildlife, received multi-lingual coverage including in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and German. Some of the leading news publications are AFP of France, EDR News of Korea, JIJI of Japan, La Nacion of Spain, Mid Florida Newspapers and Morning Star of the US, as well as regional outlets such as Zawya and Al-Masry Al-Youm.


For its part, Netflix described the film in its synopsis as "a stunning work that sheds light on the wildlife in Saudi Arabia and endangered species, and reviews efforts to preserve them."


The Konoz initiative had launched “Horizon” a few days earlier with the aim of raising awareness of the environmental diversity in the Kingdom, the unique geographical areas, and the efforts made to protect wildlife and preserve rare species. The 50-minute documentary also aims to introduce the world to Saudi Arabia’s various treasures by showcasing its stunning nature, which is rich in diverse plant and animal life.


The film shows an array of wildlife, such as the dugong, dolphin, Arabian leopard, and types of deer and ostriches. There’s over 10,000 species in the country, each uniquely adapted to its habitat.


The filming took over 200 days, with the participation of a 50-person specialized crew who traveled over 4,700 km to film across 28 locations, with the contribution of more than 13 Saudi researchers specialized in wildlife. The Kingdom is keen to focus on the environmental sector as one of the Vision 2030 targets, by prioritizing the preservation of wildlife and enacting strict laws to protect it under the supervision of the National Center for Wildlife. 


It is worth mentioning that Konoz is part of the Human Capacity Development Program, one of many programs under Vision 2030. It aims to visually document the treasures that the Kingdom abounds in and contribute to achieving a shift in the level of artistic production. Konoz has presented a number of documentary works so far, such as "Chapter 295," "Seagull of Arabia," "What Saudis Eat," "Saudi Atlas," and many others.