The Ministry of Media premieres “A Difficult Stage,” a Saudi documentary depicting lockdown during the pandemic

The Ministry of Media premieres “A Difficult Stage,” a Saudi documentary depicting lockdown during the pandemic



The Center for Government Communication (CGC) at the Ministry of Media debuted its venture into documentary production today, presenting “A Difficult Stage”, its first film, in a special screening at AMC Cinemas in Riyadh. A number of princes, ministers, officials, as well as media and cultural figures were in attendance at the premiere.


The film centers around humanitarian stories and efforts that shed light on health and field heroes, including employees, workers, and citizens, who have worked with dedication throughout the different stages of confronting the novel coronavirus pandemic.


According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Media Dr. Abdullah Al-Maghlouth, the feature was produced under the directives of Acting Minister of Media Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi. Under the direct supervision of the CGC as a production authority, the film took 75 days of continuous work, with the footage and shooting time amounting to 60 hours.


More than 70 young Saudi men and women were involved in the work that was shot in five different regions around the Kingdom, Dr. Al-Maghlouth explained, emphasizing the great support that was provided by all government authorities throughout the shoot. This effort was driven by the desire to showcase and document the daily realities of lockdown in Saudi Arabia.


Under the guidance of the Ministry of Media, four Saudi-run companies worked on the production of the feature, and resorted to other local firms for a wider range of expertise. Saudi telecom company STC also provided the necessary sponsorship for the film.


Dr. Al-Maghlouth asserted that "A Difficult Stage" constitutes the departure point for high quality products by the Ministry of Media, with more to follow as Saudi companies open up to creativity. He added that these productions will implement the highest technical standards and best international practices, and that the Ministry of Media will provide logistical and financial support to enable companies to provide works of international standards.


“A Difficult Stage” will be made available to the public on Al Saudiya TV channel and the CGC YouTube channel in the following days.